We really feel that a wedding album is such an important thing to have after your wedding. Once the day has passed, and even once you have all the digital image files sitting in a folder on your computer, it is so nice to have a tangible book to look through to remember the story and details of your wedding day. It is so common now for people to think they only want to have the digital files, but more often than not, you get those files and never end up doing anything with them. Although we offer packages without an album, we will always encourage clients to think about getting an album, because we feel you will get so much more out of it in the long run.

Our albums are beautifully made in a professional lab, with a variety of high quality leather cover options, super thick  flush mount pages (this means they lay completely flat when you open it, with almost no visible crease in the middle), your names and wedding date pressed into the front cover, and delivered in a linen keepsake box. They are custom designed by us, with the pictures you choose from your wedding gallery. The designs are beautifully simple on a white background, letting the pictures speak for themselves and not be overpowered by unnecessary elements.









-Aimee & Ben

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